A physician-documented disability often results in a loss of income. A short term disability insurance policy pays benefits (i.e., a monthly amount that is a percentage of your gross income) for a period of time while you are disabled. Your enroller will help you select the right amount of disability insurance benefits for your needs, as well as the length of time they are payable.

You should choose a level of disability insurance coverage that best meets your needs for:

  • Income replacement of up to 60 percent of salary.
  • Total and Partial benefits.
  • 24-hour or off-job only coverage available at the group level.
  • Employer Options: Mental Illness Limited Benefit; Alcoholism & Drug Addiction Limited Benefit; Pre-Existing Condition Benefit; Continuity of Coverage
  • Guarantee issue during initial enrollment when participation requirements are met.
  • Portable coverage that allows employees to continue coverage when they leave employment, with certain stipulations.
  • Waives premium payments after 90 days of total disability