Multi-Location Employers


While expansion is a sign of growth and success, managing the Enrollment process for multiple locations  can cause quite a few challenges and headaches to both your HR departments as well as your valued employees.

Managing Multiple Locations can pose a few challenges, including..

1. Out-of-site-out-of-mind syndrome.  When things get busy  it can be hard to give your employees and clients the time they need to understand their Benefit programs.

2. Loss of spontaneous communications. Because you do not see your employees in the hallway or at meetings, there is very little natural or unplanned communication.

3. Attenuated logistics. Anything that cannot be sent electronically must be mailed, causing time delays and increased time consumption.

4. Complicated work assignments. It is harder to perform certain types of jobs or collaborate on them when employees are based in remote locations.

To overcome these challenges, Enroll.Me’s team of experts focus on three key areas: systems, technology and communication to produce a detailed and clear work flow matrix that can help alleviate stress and provide seamless Enrollments across your entire platform.

We utilize state of the art secure web based technology to allow total integration with multiple carriers and payroll systems.

Go ahead and grow, we’ll grow with you!