Revolutionizing the Employee Benefit Enrollment Experience!

As employers, you are always looking for ways to increase employee satisfaction and thereby staff retention. Continuity of service for your clients is essential for customer satisfaction and a stable workforce is a crucial aspect towards attaining this goal. Through our one on one enrollment meetings with all your employees, our goal is to assure they understand the valuable benefits you are offering, allowing them the opportunity to make educated choices for protecting themselves and their families.

With the constant rise in Insurance costs, fluctuating economy and ever increasing cost of living, attracting and retaining quality employees is becoming progressively challenging for many employers. Potential quality employees are looking for a “complete compensation package” that not only focuses on the check but on the Benefits available as well. One important aspect of this is the Voluntary Benefits offered through the employer and paid through pre or post tax payroll deductions. A few examples of voluntary benefits are dental, vision, life, accidental death and disability, disability (short and long-term), supplemental health (i.e.- specified disease, critical illness, hospital only, etc.) and cancer insurance.

Voluntary Benefits are a cost-effective opportunity for you to demonstrate your appreciation and foster goodwill among your employees and their families. Since Voluntary Benefit premiums are funded by your employees, you have a great opportunity to offer many valuable additional benefits with minimal effect on your budget. Since these products are purchased through the employer, rates can be significantly lower than when bought direct from a carrier. Your employees will appreciate the extra affordable level of security, and know that you value their hard work and commitment toward their workplace.

Enroll.Me has been servicing work site enrollments nationwide and will work with you and your broker to develop a Voluntary Benefits program that is tailor made for your specific company. Since we do the enrollments face to face, your staff will always be properly educated and feel confident in the Benefits they choose. Additionally, our state of the art  technology allows us to provide many unique Benefit and Communication services without imposing additional administrative duties on your staff.

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